In February I travelled to Arcosanti to spend three weeks participating in the workshop to understand and learn about the architect Paolo Soleri and to work on writing the next draft of wriing my book.

One of the unexpected finds at Arcosanti was the Archives run by Sue Kircsh. She has been at Arcosanti for over 20 years and commands an impressive archive of notebooks, sketches, aluminum types and various photos and forms collected during his life time.

I asked her if Paolo Soleri ever thought about designing libraries or put thought into ways of organizing information. She preceded to go into the back and put white gloves on and roll out a 5+ meter scroll that contained his initial plans for a library designed in 1956 in Torino Italy.

It was never built. This is his proposal. It was called ' light underwater silence'

He reproduced these images etched onto aluminum that could be rubbed and reproduced.